Timeline: Faculty & Preceptors


Peer Evaluations (as needed)

Provide faculty with a structured process for peer assessment of teaching to support faculty development and to satisfy College and University requirements for promotion and post-tenure review.

Oral Communication and Scholarly Writing Skills

Evaluate graduate students’ oral communication and scholarly writing skills at qualifying exams, thesis/dissertation proposal meetings, and thesis/dissertation defense meetings

February – AACP Faculty Survey

Gather faculty perceptions about Pharm.D. curriculum quality and to compare UT data from this survey with data from peer institutions

June – August: Faculty Survey – Graduate Programs

Gather feedback on the quality of the M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs from faculty members who supervise graduate students.


January - December: Intern Evaluation Forms (IEF) (All Rotations)

Serve as a mechanism for preceptors to assess students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities during P4 rotations and for students to conduct their own self-assessments against the same criteria.

June – July: AACP Preceptor Survey (Rotations 1 & 2)

Gather perceptions about curriculum quality from preceptors who had supervised at least one Pharm.D. student during the last academic year and to compare UT data from this survey with data from peer institutions.