Equity & Diversity

Statement on Gender Equity and Underrepresented Minorities

The University of Texas at Austin and the College of Pharmacy place a high priority on ensuring that the campus is a place where diverse people, ideas, and perspectives can flourish.  To learn more, visit our UT Office for Inclusion and Equity.

Dr. Carolyn Brown represents the College of Pharmacy on the University Faculty Gender Equity Council.

Dr. Jamie Barner represents the College of Pharmacy on the Council for Racial and Ethnic Equity and Diversity.

Cultural Proficiency Committee

The Cultural Proficiency Committee of the College of Pharmacy works to create and maintain a learning, research, and work environment (both physical and social) that promotes and values diversity of people, beliefs and ideas. Objectives of this standing committee include:

  1. to promote education and training opportunities as well as college activities for faculty, staff and students in support of creating an inclusive working and learning environment.
  2. to facilitate the incorporation of content and learning strategies throughout the entire curriculum to strengthen students’ cultural competency.
  3. to improve two-way communications with off-campus faculty.
  4. to improve communication with families of current and prospective students as well as with the broader community by promoting the College’s commitment to cultural diversity and proficiency.

Accomplishments of this committee include:

  • Established College-wide Cultural Celebrations*
  • Diversity Forums
  • Grants Awarded to support events and projects with objectives relevant to diversity education
  • Faculty/Staff Survey and Report which measures opinions on diversity and gender equity

*The Pharmacy Council co-sponsored the Cultural Celebrations until 2014, when it took over sole sponsorship of the event.

See also: Outreach – CPC Sponsored Projects

College Strategic Plan

For additional information about diversity efforts, see Key Priority 4 of the College of Pharmacy Strategic Plan (Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition of an Outstanding and Diverse Faculty and Staff).

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