PHR 2.110 Classroom Description

Physical Room Characteristics
Seating capacity: 137
Chalk/Whiteboard: chalk board
Horizontal writing surfaces: Fixed, continuous writing service
Seating Style: Fixed, pedestal-style seating
Videoconferencing capabilities: No
Lecture capture capabilities: Yes
Computer Equipment
A/V control: Touch screen on top of lectern
Number of projectors and screens: 2 ceiling-mounted projectors and 2 fixed, wall-mounted screens
Additional displays: 2 ceiling-mounted 47” flat screen displays, one on either side of the room at about the halfway point
Number of computers in lectern: 2 Mac Minis, 2 keyboards and 1 shared mouse
Computer OS available: Mac OS and Windows OS
DVD playback: Through either computer
Other A/V equipment available: Doc cam
USB flash drive access: From USB extension cable on the top of the lectern
Audio Equipment
Voice lift: Yes
Program speakers: Yes
Number of microphones: 2 wireless lapels
Audience microphones: No

PHR 2.110 front of classroom

PHR 2.110 teaching podium

PHR 2.110 back of classroom

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