College Offices

Admissions & Advising, PHR 5.112
Office Phone: 512-471-1737
Home page for Pharm.D. Admissions
Home page for Graduate Admissions
Home page for Academic Advising

Business Office, PHR 5.114
Office Phone: 512-475-9750
Office Fax: 512-471-4195

Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry, BME 6.202
Office Phone: 512-471-5263
Office Fax: 512-232-2606
Home page for Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry
Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry Faculty
Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry Office & Personnel

Continuing Pharmacy Education, PHR 5.102
Office Phone: 512-471-6213
Office Fax: 512-475-9739
Home page for Continuing Pharmacy Education
Continuing Pharmacy Education Personnel Page

Dean’s Office, PHR 5.112
Office Phone: 512-471-3718
Office Fax: 512-471-8783

Development and Alumni Relations Office, PHR 5.110
Office Phone: 512-475-9759
Office Fax: 512-232-1893
Home page for Development and Alumni Relations
Development and Alumni Relations Team

Drug Dynamics Institute (DDI), PHR 3.206
Office Phone: 512-471-4841
Office Fax: 512-471-2746
Home page for DDI
DDI Personnel

Drug Information Center San Antonio
Office Phone:210-567-4280
Office Fax: 210-567-4305

Experiential & Professional Affairs, PHR 5.112A
Office Phone:512-232-1768
Office Fax: 512-232-1893

Forty Acres Pharmacy, SSB 1.110
Office Phone: 512-471-1824
Office Fax: 512-475-8218
Home page for Forty Acres Pharmacy
Forty Acres Pharmacy Team

Graduate Advisors Office, PHR 4.220A
Office Phone: 512-471-6590
Office Fax: 512-471-8762

Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice Division (HOPP)
Office Phone: 471-6892 (Health Outcomes – PHR 3.209)
Office Phone: 232 2622 (Pharmacy Practice – PHR 2.222)
Office Fax: 512-471-8762
Home page for HOPP
HOPP Faculty
HOPP Office & Personnel

Learning Resource Center (LRC), PHR 4.123
Office Phone: 512-471-3857
Home page for LRC
LRC Personnel
Jaime N. Delgado LRC, PHR 3.114
Office Phone: 512-471-8274

Pharmaceutics, PHR 4.214
Office Phone: 512-471-7182
Office Fax: 512-471-7474
Home page for Pharmaceutics
Pharmaceutics Faculty
Pharmaceutics Office & Personnel

Pharmacology & Toxicology, BME 3.510
Office Phone: 512-471-5096
Office Fax: 512-475-6088
Home page for Pharmacology & Toxicology
Pharmacology & Toxicology Faculty
Pharmacology & Toxicology Office and Personnel

Pharmacotherapy San Antonio, MCD 3.4
Office Phone: 210-567-8355
Office Fax: 210-567-8328
Home page for Pharmacotherapy
Pharmacotherapy Faculty
Pharmacotherapy Staff
Pharmacotherapy Office

Research & Graduate Studies, PHR 4.220
Office Phone: 512-471-4486
Home page for Research & Graduate Studies
Research & Graduate Studies Personnel

Storeroom/Mailroom, PHR 2.112
Office Phone: 512-471-7723
Office Fax: 512-471-4195

Student Affairs Office, PHR 5.112
Office Phone: 512-471-1737
Office Fax: 512-232-1893

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