Syllabi for Graduate Courses

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These are course materials submitted by Pharmacy faculty at The University of Texas.

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Please note that any health care information provided in these courses is intended for classroom instruction only and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

PGS 191Q Pharmacy and its Disciplines
PGS 196T Toxicology Seminar
PGS 280M Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship PGS 282J Advanced Pharmacotherapy Seminar (A & B)
PGS 380F Biomedical Pharmacology
PGS 380M Experimental Design: Writing Successful Research Proposals, Summer 2019
PGS 380Q Advanced Manufacturing Pharmacy
PGS 381M Pharmaceutical Industry and Marketing
PGS 381W Molecular and Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
PGS 382S Advanced Biopharmaceutics
PGS 384N Health Behavior Theory and Medication Use Principles
PGS 386D Cellular/Systems Physiology II