Live Sessions, Recordings, and UT Captioning

Note: if you’re captioning your lectures for SSD accommodations, you must also caption all video clips you’ve included in your class

Why Caption videos?

Live classes, seminars or meetings

Students who do not use sign language and cannot access information presented orally may need information presented in a visual format. There are several options for making auditory information available in an accessible format through speech to text technology. The two most common are CART and Typewell.

The student will more than likely have this set up already, so you can ask them if they are all set up and ready to go. They may ask that their transcriber be invited to the class meeting so they can join and create the captions. This also may have been arranged in advance. Contact the dean’s office for more information.

See the SSD website for more information:


How do students setup an accommodation?

Students interested in setting up academic accommodations through SSD can find out more information here:

Panopto Recordings

Automated Course-wide Captioning for Accommodations:

If you require ADA Captioning services for your whole course, you can request that all of your Panopto recordings in Canvas be sent to our captioning service (3Play Media) after they are recorded. This service provides the fastest and most reliable captioning workflow. The captions are completed within 24 hours, regardless of the day of the week. Captions will automatically post back to the recording when completed. 

With this service, any recordings made in PHR 3.106, PHR 4.114 or PHR 2.208 will also post to your Canvas course and therefore will be automatically captioned. 

We can also caption recordings made in PHR 2.108 and PHR 2.110, but they are on separate, LAITS recording systems. The College will work with LAITS to get everything routed properly.

Your course will be flagged for captioning by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs before the start of the semester. The LRC Video Control Room will activate these requests.

You can check whether your class has been set up for captioning by submitting an LRC "Lecture Capture" ticket.

Existing videos that are outside of your Default Term Panopto folder will need to be moved into this folder to get captioned. Or, if you have the time, you can caption these separately by submitting them to the UT Captioning department.

Be sure to check first because they may have already been captioned in an earlier semester!

YouTube links and other supplemental videos

UT Captioning is a great, on-campus solution when you have some time to spare and won't need to share your captioned videos for a week or more. Great option for early course planners!

UT Captioning and Transcription Services’ mission is to create high quality, professional text versions of your audio/visual content. They strive to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Note that if your request is an ADA request for a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing individual, your request will be prioritized with no cost to your department. Turnaround is between 2-5 business days. Please indicate in the notes section of your request that it’s for an SSD accommodation.

If your request is not an ADA request, UT Libraries can caption and transcribe your materials at $1.00 per minute of video, with a turnaround time of 7 days, or 24 hours for urgent requests with surcharge.

Fill out a request form at