Webex Retirement Roadmap

Next Steps for the Transition from Webex to Zoom

If you have been using one of the Webex technologies that will be retiring, you can refer to the chart below to identify which new technology to begin using and the time frame for making the switch.

For questions regarding this transition, reach out to the LRC via an LRC Help Ticket.

Previous Webex Technology

New Technology (Zoom or Microsoft)

Time Frame for Switching

If you were using Webex Meetings

Then, use Zoom Meetings


If you were using the Webex Outlook Add-In

Then, use the Zoom Add-In for Outlook


If you were using Webex Teams (chat)

You can continue to use Webex Teams until June 2023.  Alternatively, you can start using Microsoft Teams now, or use both simultaneously

Anytime through June 2023

If you were scheduling Webex meetings/seminars in PHR classrooms by submitting an LRC ticket

You can schedule Zoom meetings/seminars in PHR classrooms by submitting an LRC ticket


The Evolution of Videoconferencing at the College of Pharmacy

As communications technology has evolved, the University of Texas at Austin and the College of Pharmacy have been able to provide enhanced videoconferencing technology to support instructional and administrative needs.

The transition from Cisco Webex to Zoom is the next step in this process.

Webex (Legacy) Documentation

Cisco Webex logo

Sign in

To properly sign in above, you'll need to start by entering your UT email address of record (i.e. your primary work or student email address as shown in the UT Directory, Workday etc.).

You will then be redirected to the UT EID login system. If you are not, please contact the LRC.

Virtual Learning with Webex for Those with a Legacy Account

Cisco Webex logo

Our Pharmacy Webex site is: utpharmacy.webex.com

Meeting Scheduling: you can schedule the meeting yourself using your Pharmacy Webex account.

Webex (Legacy) Help Links

Download Webex

Get the latest version of the desktop applications.

Webex Help Site

Get access to Webex support resources. This includes documentation, free online training, and community support from your peers.

Set Recording Preferences in Modern View in Cisco Webex Meetings

Learn more about the Recording preferences in your Webex site in Modern View.

Live, Cisco Trainer-Led Classes – Learn and Ask Questions

Join hands-on, live, and interactive introductions to Cisco Webex. Gain a high level overview of how to schedule your meeting, manage audio, and share content.

Frequently Asked Questions - Webex (Legacy)

How do I invite guests to my Webex Meeting?

If the meeting has already started, see: Invite People to an Ongoing Webex Meeting

If the meeting hasn’t started yet, add guests, PHR users, and alternate hosts by adding them to the “Who is invited?” section of the meeting invite on your online account: 
Go to: utpharmacy.webex.com 

  1. Sign-In
  2. Go to Meetings
  3. Find Meeting and click on the name of the meeting
  4. On the right hand side find the “Who is invited?” section and add the email address of the person to add as an attendee.
  5. Your guest(s) will receive an email invitation. For information to share with them on how to join the meeting see “Join a Webex Meeting” links on the Virtual Learning Home page. If it is their first time, you might invite them to your Webex personal room a few days before the meeting so they can see how to join and get any software installed.

How do I get a Pharmacy Webex account?

First, you need a College of Pharmacy affiliation. If you have an affiliation, you can submit an LRC Webex help ticket. Include your EID, work email, and First Name, Last Name as you want it displayed in meetings: https://dev.pharmacy.utexas.edu/help/
The email you submit must match what is shown as your UT primary email verifiable at: 
Students: Student Records “All My Addresses”
Staff/Faculty: Workday: View & Edit Personal Data

What is Webex Meetings?

Webex meeting is an online meeting that allows you to virtually meet with other people, without leaving your home or office. Webex Meeting participants join online meetings using devices with built-in cameras and microphones, or they call in via a telephone.

Are breakout rooms available in Webex Meetings?

Yes. Breakout sessions are smaller groups that are split off from the main Webex meeting. They allow a subset of meeting participants to collaborate and share ideas over audio and video. Use breakout sessions for workshops, classrooms, or for when you need a moment to talk privately with a few participants, outside of the main meeting.

Webex Meetings | Breakout Sessions


Is it possible to create a poll prior to starting a Webex Meeting?

Yes.  Use Webex Meetings as your Polling Editor:

  1. Start a meeting (no one needs to join).
  2. Display the polling panel: Go to the View menu, then select Panels > Manage Panels…
  3. The ‘Manage Panels’ window appears.
  4. In the Available panels: section, select Polling, then click the Add >> button.
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Create a poll with the desired questions, see: Manage Polls
  7. Go to the File menu, then select Save > Poll Questions.
  8. Choose a location to save the poll, enter a file name, then click the Save button.

In your next meeting, enable the polling panel using step 2 above.
Go to the File menu, then select Open Poll Questions….
Select the previously created poll, then click the Open button.

How do I share computer audio during a Webex Meeting? I have a video or sound I want to play but I don’t want them to only hear.

When sharing your screen during a Webex Meeting, there are options to 1. Optimize for video and 2. Share computer audio. See link below for more info:

How do I edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting?

If you need to edit a single occurrence of a recurring meeting, this Webex article provides support.

What is Webex Teams?

Webex Teams is a cloud-connected application for continuous teamwork with videoconferencing, meetings, group messaging, file sharing, and white boarding.
Take a Tour of the Webex Teams application