Student Organizations

Student Professional Organizations

The training of a pharmacist, not only to become a good practitioner of pharmacy, but also to become a leader in the community, is derived from classroom and internship experiences, but also through activity in professional organizations.

Organizations range from opportunities to participate in student governance, to professional pharmacy fraternities, to a number of specialty groups and beyond. Participation in professional organizations benefit students both while they are in school and after they graduate.  To view a collection of resources relevant to the work of student organizations, visit our Student Organization Resources page.

Community Outreach

Student organizations frequently participate in a variety of community outreach projects both as a means of serving the people of Texas and as an opportunity to gain practical experience in supporting the health needs of communities they will soon serve as professionals.

Learn more about these outreach initiatives involving the combined resources of the student professional organizations from the Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and El Paso regions.

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