Iris Bae wearing a necklace and smiling.

Iris Bae

Senior Administrative Associate, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Candice Bartz wearing a checkered shirt and smiling.

Candice Bartz

Senior Administrative Associate
Mirna Benhamou wearing a necklace and collared top.

Mirna Benhamou

Senior Administrative Program & Division Coordinator, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. Tonia Guida smiling while wearing a suit coat.

Tonia Guida, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Michelle Lee wearing glasses and smiling.

Michelle Lee

Research Program Coordinator, The Center for Molecular Carcinogenesis & Toxicology and Training Grant
Dr. Rochelle Roberts

Rochelle Roberts, Ph.D.

Director of Assessment
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Dr. Justin Samuel

Justin Samuel, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Assistant Professor of Practice
Steph Scott wearing tortoiseshell glasses and smiling.

Stephanie Scott

Senior Administrative Associate, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Andres Temblador wearing a suit, tie and glasses.

Andres Temblador

Senior Research Program Coordinator, Pharmacy Addictions Research & Medicine Program