College Visual Identity

From the tower to Longhorns, visual symbols paint a strong identity for The University of Texas at Austin and its academic programs.  In 2016, the College of Pharmacy adopted a new brand image in line with brand identity already implemented by the university.  Several different orientations are available for use of the college brand.

Additionally, we have retained as a spirit mark the stylized bowl of hygieia from our old wordmark.  This is a secondary mark of the college, a reflection of the ancients symbol of the profession of pharmacy.

If you are unsure about whether or not to use the brand, please consult with Nick Nobel, Communications Coordinator, College of Pharmacy via telephone (512) 232-1769 or e-mail at

When to use the brand

The brand is designed to be incorporated into both print and electronic communications of the College of Pharmacy. It should serve as the official college identification for the majority of print and electronic communication. For instance, the wordmark should be included in:

  • promotional brochures about various programs/aspects of the College of Pharmacy
  • informational brochures
  • Longhorn Pharmacy Focus newsmagazine
  • postcards/fliers promoting college events
  • informal invitations to college events donors dinners, etc.
  • posters at professional meetings
  • the college web site
  • websites for centers with college ties
  • informal communications such as those times when the college notecards might be appropriate
  • promotional products such as those produced and sold by college student organizations
  • research posters prepared for presentations including professional meetings
  • electronic letterhead

Seal or brand?

For almost all purposes, the college brand should be used to identify an organization, product, or presentation with The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy.

Use of the university seal is limited to university administration and official university/college business.  In most instances, the college brand will serve as the college’s primary identifier.

Brand formats

The college brand is available in several formats.  Students, faculty, administrators and staff may request use of the brand for official college presentations and publications as well as spirit items.

The brand may not be altered in any way, and users are required to utilize clear space surrounding any use of the brand.

Below are the three orientations available for the college brand.  You may use any of the three styles, keeping in mind which of the three orientations may fit best in the total design of your product.

In each case, nothing can be added to the brand and it cannot be modified. The brand can only be presented in the orange/dark gray.  Some variations, as indicated below, may be represented in one color.   All uses of the brand should be submitted to the college’s communications office prior to printing.  The office if found in the Development and Alumni Affairs Office, 5.110.  For information, contact Nick Nobel, (512) 232-1769 or send e-mail to

1. Branded – can only be printed as displayed below, or as a knockout (all white) version on a black background.

College brand




2. Primary – may be printed in two colors as presented or with white instead or orange

Primary brand





May also be printed in one color – black/orange/or white

Brand Primary_grayscale





3.  Formal brand – may appear as below in orange/gray or substitution white for orange.

Brand formal




May also be printed in one color – black/orange/or white

Brand formal_grayscale




4.  Stylized bowl of hygieia – the college spirit mark

May be printed in orange, black or white and used as a secondary mark for printing.  May also be used in promotional products.

wordmark_orangeCollege of Pharmacy, The University of Texas at Austin, Wordmark Option



Digital versions of the College of Pharmacy wordmark are available to download online.  Contact Nick Nobel for questions of how to use each file.

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