A  help request form (or ticket) is available for Course Coordinators to submit a video conference or A/V request to the LRC. It is imperative that your faculty understand what’s happening in terms of their lectures being recorded/streamed, and that students know what to expect in terms of availability (see sample statement). A number of questions concerning faculty prerogative, pedagogy, and logistics arose, which have been fully addressed by the faculty-oriented FAQ’s generated by the Academic Support Committee.

It would be great if there was a uniform policy for your course (i.e., for all faculty), but if you have, for example, a lone faculty member who does not want to have their lectures taped/streamed, that can be accommodated on the form. That said, be sure to let that faculty member know that it is their responsibility to inform the class that their lecture taping does not follow the general course policy, not yours (this falls under the heading of “don’t try to be a hero!”). A suggested policy statement for video-streaming is on the sample syllabus.

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