Because of the logistics issues associated with coordinating courses broadcast to multiple campuses, we have implemented the practice of identifying local coordinators on the non-originating campuses to deal with these issues. They are there to help you make the course run smoothly, but it isĀ imperative that both you (as Course Coordinator) and your Local Coordinators have a clear understanding of everyone’s responsibilities. Attached you will find the semester-based survey which you can use with your Coordinators to assess whether there is a clear understanding of everyone’s responsibilities in course setup and execution. This form can be used as a ‘checklist’ to make sure the key bases are covered. Examples of the types of questions that need to be addressed are as follows (certainly not an exhaustive list, but they are issues that have come up in the past):

  • Do you expect the Local Coordinator to attend class? If not, should they delegate responsibility to someone in the class (e.g., pharmacy council rep) at the remote campus in case there are technical difficulties or other class disruptions?
  • Do you expect the Local Coordinator to proctor exams (particularly if the exams are not given during classtime)? How will exams be graded/returned? How will you make sure that results are posted simultaneously at all sites?
  • Do you want the Local Coordinator answering content-specific questions, or should those be referred to the lecturing faculty member? What if the Local Coordinator is running formal help sessions on their campus but you (and the other Local Coordinators) are not running such help sessions?
  • Do you want the Local Coordinator answering class administration-specific questions, or do you want them referred to you as Course Coordinator?
  • Is the Local Coordinator responsible for receiving and/or duplicating and/or distributing handout materials received from the originating campus? [See next issue].
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