This can be one of the biggest headaches  for Course Coordinators, but it doesn’t have to be!  A typical policy is that faculty must (A) have their handouts to the Coordinator at a specified time prior to the start of the semester to prepare a commercial course packet; (B) post handouts on Canvas a minimum of 3 days prior to the lecture, and if not (C) duplicate and bring handouts to class.

There are many options here, but again, the key is to set your policies so faculty clearly understand the expectations, and hold them to it!

An important issue on Canvas: If your course content is copied year-to-year, make sure faculty handouts are deleted or made invisible so students don’t t accidentally print off massive numbers of outdated handouts.

How about an anecdote? A number of us attended an AACP Teaching Seminar in which the handouts for a very process-oriented keynote weren’t duplicated in time. Over the first 45-60 minutes, batches of handouts (generated as fast as the photocopier could go) were filtering into the room, starting at the back tables. (Naturally, we were good citizens sitting at the front). We all do recall that someone gave an explanation as to why the handouts weren’t ready, but, to a person, not one of us can recall the explanation! Why? Because we didn’t care why! All we cared about was the we didn’t have the darn handout!

Now I know how the students feel in these circumstances. And you’d better believe that they don’t care if the office assistant didn’t bring them down versus they were never sent. All they care about is that they don’t have the handout! Oh, and by the way, never-never-never accept duplicated faxed PowerPoint® handouts! They’re terrible!

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