Syllabi for Electives

UT Students: This webpage is not the official site for your courses/syllabi. The official sites are the CANVAS websites for your course(s). All files below are in pdf format.

PHM 338 Introduction to Pharmacology, Spring 2020
PHM 380T Global Health, Spring 2020
PHM 181R Research Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Spring 2018
PHM 282G Pharmacy Business Plan Development, Spring 2020
PHM 382L Clinical Toxicology, Summer 2020
PHM 182R Pharmacy Residency Preparation Elective (Topics Course), Spring 2020 PHM 182R Emotions, Ethics, and Empathy, Summer 2020 PHM 182R Careers in Academic Pharmacy Elective, Summer 2020
PHM 182R Pharmacotherapeutics of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Spring 2020
PHM 182R Enhancing Academic Success, Spring 2020
PHM 182R Hospital Pharmacy, Fall 2019
PHM 282R Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy Practice, Summer 2020
PHM 382R Modern Trends in Drug Design and Discovery, Summer 2020
PHM 382R Controlled Substances: Violations, Investigations, and Enforcement, Summer 2020
PHM 382R Entrepreneurship and Health Innovations (Topics Course), Spring 2019
PHM 383K New Concepts, Topics, and Issues in Pharmacy Practice, Spring 2019
PHM 384D Antimicrobics: Mechanism of Action and Clinical Use, Summer 2020
PHM 184H Antimicrobics: Advanced Inquiry. Fall 2019
PHM 384K Community Pharmacy Management, Fall 2019
PHM 385K Applied Pharmacy Management, Spring 2020
PHM 386G Spanish for the Pharmacy Professional, Fall 2019
PHM 388K Hospital Pharmacy, Spring 2019
PHM 389K Social Media and Health Care and Consumer Health, Fall 2019
PHM 290D Nutritional Aspects of Clinical Pharmacy, Fall 2019
PHM 390K Clinical Management of Drug-Drug Interactions, Spring 2019
PHM 290M Inpatient Adult Medicine, Spring 2020
PHM 290W Health Leadership, Spring 2020
PHM 191L Leadership in Community Service Learning, Fall 2019
PHM 291K Pediatric Pharmacy, Spring 2020
PHM 291M Introduction to Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Fall 2019
PHM 391W Leadership and Advocacy in Pharmacy, Spring 2016
PHM 292G Herbal and Botanical Supplements, Summer 2020
PHM 398T College Teaching Methodology, Summer 2018

PHM 280H Landmark Studies in Cardiovascular Disease
PHM 280W Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice and Drug Treatment of Mental Disorders
PHM 382K Experimental Design and Research Methods in Health Care
PHM 383E Development of Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Practice
PHM 284S Quality and Patient Safety Interprofessional Education
PHM 386K Pharmacy Association Management
PHM 286R Advanced Contemporary Compounding
PHM 186S Advanced Contemporary Compounding Laboratory
PHM 687K Pharmacy Association Management Residency
PHM 187R Exploratory Research in Pharmacy
PHM 288H Pharmacy Honors Proposal and Tutorial Course
PHM 489H Pharmacy Honors Thesis and Tutorial Course
PHM 290L Introduction to Nuclear Pharmacy
PHM 390T Pharmacy International Exchange
PHM 390V Patient Safety

PHM 280L, 380L Landmark Pharmacotherapy Studies in Primary Care
PHM 180R, 280R, 380R Basic Study in Pharmaceutical Research
PHM 183R, 283R, 383R Advanced Study in Pharmaceutical Res (Topics course)
PHM 187J, 281J, 381J Advanced Problems in Pharmacy Education

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