Syllabi for Graduate Courses and Other Undergraduate Courses

UT Students: This webpage is not the official site for your courses/syllabi. The official sites are the CANVAS websites for your course(s).  All files below are in pdf format.

PHM 310K/350K Drugs In Our Society, Summer 2020
GRS 097 Fundamentals for Teaching Assistants, Fall 2018
PGS 180M Translation Science PhD Seminar, Fall 2018
PGS 192Q Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Career Development, Spring 2019
NTR 390 Advances in Nutritional Sciences, Fall 2018
PGS 185D The Responsible Conduct of Science, Fall 2016
PGS 189Q Alcohol Journal Club, Fall 2020
PGS 191Q Pharmacy and its Disciplines
PGS 196S Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice Divisions Seminar, Fall 2020
PGS 196T Toxicology Seminar
PGS 280M Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship
PGS 282J Advanced Pharmacotherapy Seminar (A & B)
PGS 282S Advanced Biopharmaceutics, Fall 2016
PGS 288K Fundamentals of Fluorescence Microscopy, Fall 2019
PGS 292F Clinical Research Methods II, Spring 2017
PGS 380F Biomedical Pharmacology
PGS 380M Health Innovations and Entrepreneurship, Spring 2020
PGS 380M Protein Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, and Biosimilars, Spring 2018
PGS 380M Experimental Design: Writing Successful Research Proposals, Summer 2019
PGS 380Q Advanced Manufacturing Pharmacy
PGS 380S Basic Principles in Experimental Design and Statistics, Spring 2016
PGS 381G Advanced Manufacturing Pharmacy, Fall 2016
PGS 381H Advanced Pharmaceutical Processing, Fall 2019
PGS 381M Pharmaceutical Industry and Marketing
PGS 381N Managed Health Care Systems, Spring 2017
PGS 381V Communication Skills for Translational Scientists, Summer 2016
PGS 381W Molecular and Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
PGS 382R Recent Advances in Pharmaceutics, Summer 2018
PGS 382R Manuscripts in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Summer 2020
PGS 382S Advanced Biopharmaceutics
PGS 382V Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Spring 2017
PGS 383P Advanced Pharmacokinetics, Spring 2017
PGS 383Q Statistics in Translational Science, Spring
PGS 384K Fundamentals of Toxicology, Fall 2016
PGS 384L Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology, Spring 2018
PGS 384N Health Behavior Theory and Medication Use Principles
PGS 384S Intro Epidemiology & Pharmacoepidemiology, Spring 2018
PGS 384T Advanced Epidemiology (Pharmacoepidemiology), Fall 2016
PGS 385W Bioinformatics in Infectious Diseases, Fall 2017
PGS 386D Cellular/Systems Physiology II
PGS 388C Bio-organic Chemistry, Spring 2016
PGS 388K / NEU 385L Pharmacological Mechanisms of Addiction, Spring 2016
PGS 388K / NUT 390 Molecular Mechanisms and Methods in Nutrition and Cancer, Spring 2017
PGS 390K Experimental Design and Research Methods in Health Care, Fall 2016
PGS 390N Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology
PGS 390R Special Problems in Pharmacotherapy
PGS 390U Advanced Research Methods in Health Care, Spring 2017
PGS 390J Data Analysis in Health Care, Summer 2020
PGS 393T Pharmacoeconomics, Spring 2019
PGS 396M Medicinal Chemistry, Summer 2020
PGS 397M Drug Design & Synthetic Strategy
PGS 398T College Teaching Methodology (Austin), Summer 2018
PGS 398T Supervised Teaching (San Antonio), Summer 2016
PGS 487Q Oral and Written Communication Skills for Scientists
PGS 480N Biomedical Pharmacology II
PGS 487Q Oral and Written Communication Skills for Scientists
MEDI 6101 Topics in Translational Science, Spring 2016

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