Syllabi for Signature Courses

UT Students: This webpage is not the official site for your courses/syllabi. The official sites are the CANVAS websites for your course(s).  All files below are in pdf format.

Acosta – Self-Care and OTC Products, Fall 2019

Brown – Health in Multicultural Populations, Spring 2016

Davis – Really Bad Bugs: Historical and Emerging Infectious Diseases, Fall 2019

Erickson – The Science of Drug Use and Addiction, Fall 2017

Ginsburg – Drugs in the Media, Fall 2016

Karboski – Contemporary Topics in Pharmacy-Based Healthcare, Fall 2019

Rascati – Issues in Health Care and Pharmacy, Spring 2016

Rush – Drugs in Our Society (PHM 310K and 350K), Summer 2016

Rush – The Savvy Health Care Consumer, Spring 2019

Temple – Caring for the Elderly, Spring 2020

Walkow – Contemporary Drug Development, Spring 2016

Young – Culture of Patient Safety- Transforming Health Together, Spring 2020

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