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The College of Pharmacy conducts several events during the year to assist students with finding practice opportunities upon graduation. Through the college’s Foundations of Professional Development (FPD) course sequence, students are exposed to a variety of different career options including post-graduate education and training opportunities including graduate degree options, residencies, and fellowships. Working collaboratively with the college’s student professional organizations, career events are hosted throughout the year including residency showcases, mock interview and CV writing workshops, career fairs, and onsite interviews.

The College conducts a P4 Senior Interview Day during the fall semester for the benefit of graduating seniors seeking professional practice positions. Prior to this event, students are provided with information regarding available positions with local, state, and national pharmacist employers and given the opportunity to sign up for interviews with these companies. At least sixty percent of graduating seniors participate in Senior Interview Day and many are successful in gaining employment as a result of their interviews. Students that do not participate in this event utilize other mechanisms for attaining employment following graduation. Students who are pursuing residency and/or graduate programs, apply to these programs directly outside of the P4 Senior Interview Day. The College makes no promise to secure employment for each graduate.

Additionally, the College in conjunction with the UT College of Pharmacy Chapter of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (UT-APhA-ASP) and UT Chapter of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (UTSSHP) conducts Career Day each fall prior to P4 Senior Interview Day. College of Pharmacy students are invited to visit with major pharmacist employers, residency program directors, and graduate program representatives to learn more about career opportunities in the profession.


The College’s Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers a variety of instructional resources to students and faculty members. The LRC provides state-of-the-art two-way digital video teleconferencing transmission of core curriculum courses among the Austin campus, the Health Science Center in San Antonio, and sites in the Rio Grande Valley, and Dallas so that faculty members can teach students at two or more locations simultaneously. Many of these courses are available streaming through Canvas.

The staff of the LRC provide faculty members and students with computer hardware and software consulting as well as advice on the use of media in the classroom. Facilities and equipment are available for video and data projection, and the College’s web site provides additional informational and curriculum support for students and faculty.

The goal of the Learning Resource Center is to provide the highest quality learning technology infrastructure and support services.



Academic advising will be conducted by an academic advisor each semester prior to the registration cycle opening. Students are required to attend an academic advising session in order to register for classes.

Academic advising is available at all times by appointment. Student should contact the Student Affairs Office for appointments with an academic advisor or the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Advising.


College of Pharmacy Peer Tutoring

Through the generous support of the College’s Pharmaceutical Foundation, the college is able to support a tutoring program for pharmacy students who find themselves in academic difficulty. Upperclassmen who have done well in courses are recruited to help students adjust to the challenges of a professional curriculum.

Students who received an A or a strong B in a pharmacy course and are interested in becoming a tutor should fill out the appropriate paperwork at the Student Affairs Office and to receive a “Guide for Tutors”.

Students who need assistance from a tutor should fill out the appropriate paperwork at the Student Affairs Office.


Financial Assistance and Scholarships are available through The College Of Pharmacy.

The College of Pharmacy has worked in partnership with generous donors to establish a wealth of scholarship opportunities for both Pharm.D. and graduate students. Approximately 85% of our students received some form of financial assistance from UT Austin’s Student Financial Services and/or the College of Pharmacy. Complete information about financial aid resources can be found on the college’s website at


The purpose of the Student Pharmacist Recovery Network (SPRN) is to provide resources to help fight the stigma against mental health, substance misuse/dependence, and recovery. It was designed by conscientious students, faculty members, and staff members of the college. SPRN students, faculty, and staff members are able to refer others to the appropriate University and Austin resources that best address their particular needs.

  • To focus pharmacy student activities in the college on educating others about drug problems including overuse, misuse, and addiction, and how the healthcare team works together in their diagnosis and treatment;
  • To enhance interprofessional collaboration in these areas among health professional students at the university;
  • To provide an organization that can serve as a safety net for information and referral to help students who are having problems with mental and drug issues;
  • To advocate for curricular changes that will increase pharmacy students’ knowledge about how to handle drug problems in patients.

If you need assistance or think you know someone that does, please contact the PRN helpline with the Texas Pharmacy Association at 1-800-727-5152. Other sources of help are:

  1. The University of Texas at Austin Alcohol and other Drugs Counseling Program  (512) 471- 3515.
  2. The University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center at (512) 471-3515 or the 24-hour hotline at (512) 471-CALL.
  3. More detailed information on the SPRN committee is outlined in a brochure available through the Office Student Affairs.
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