Strategic Plan

Pharmacy Strategic Plan 2015-2020


To provide exemplary education, training, research, and professional development for Pharm.D. students, graduate students, and postgraduates in the pharmaceutical sciences; to advance discovery, innovation, and patient care; and to provide service to the university, professional and scientific communities, and society.


To be the leading college of pharmacy for innovative interdisciplinary education, research, and service, revolutionizing patient care and health outcomes in Texas and the world.

graphic of 6 core values


Foster a community of students and teachers who learn from one another.


Expand knowledge and understanding.


Seek and express the truth.


Identify and act upon new opportunities, with the integrity and spirit that nothing is impossible.


Serve as a catalyst for positive change in Texas and beyond.

Individual Opportunity

Highly value equity and diversity.

Executive Summary (Transformative Goals)

Goal 1

Capitalize upon emerging interprofessional partnerships and innovations in education and health care, together with new clinical, entrepreneurial, scientific, and public policy content, to fundamentally transform Pharm.D. education in a manner that uniquely prepares our graduates to adapt, to excel, and to become leaders.

Goal 2

Build an organizational structure to attract the best graduate and postdoctoral candidates, provide them with the highest possible quality of training and productivity, and mentor them to be competitive for the top jobs in their fields.

Goal 3

Become a top five research program that fosters and rewards research excellence, including a culture of leadership, risk-taking, and collaboration for translating innovations to improve health.

Goal 4

Recruit, develop, and mentor a diverse group of faculty and staff, and provide them the opportunity to reach their individual potential for career and professional development in education, research, and service.

Goal 5

Develop an assessment plan for each area of the college that is reported at least annually, implemented, continuously reviewed, and serves as a catalyst for program improvement.