Research Support

The mission of the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies is to facilitate faculty and student researchers to be able to solve the complex problems and challenges facing professionals in the pharmaceutical sciences.

To accomplish this mission, we provide an administrative infrastructure to support the college’s research endeavors and to promote a collaborative and interdisciplinary research and training environment.  This support is designed to ensure the scholarly success of our faculty and to provide for exemplary training of pre- and postdoctoral students in the pharmaceutical sciences.

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Postdoctoral Fellow Information and Resources

Information and useful resources for postdoctoral fellows at the University of Texas at Austin can be found on the website of the Vice President for Research.

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Here you will find information for both new incoming postdocs as well as for current postdocs including a link to the postdoc handbook, information on postdoc benefits, employment opportunities and funding opportunities.

The College of Natural Sciences (CNS) also supports an infrastructure for supporting the professional development and career support for postdoctoral fellows. See

Career Exploration/Professional Development for Non-Academic Careers

Panel Discussions with PhDs in a variety of careers

Seminars focused on: Job Search Strategies; Resume and Cover Letter Guidance; Interview Preparation

Networking and Recruitment Events

Grant Application Workshops

NSF-GRFP, NIH NRSA Awards, K99/R00 Awards

Academic Careers Workshops

Helping students and postdocs prepare for the academic job market

Training Programs

CNS Concentration in Teaching and Mentoring, a 3-semester seminar series offered through TIDES (the Texas Institute for Discover

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Sessions to cover: Research Misconduct; Responsible Publication/Authorship; Peer Review; Conflict of Interest.

CNS also provides individual consultations for postdocs to help with:

Job Search Strategies

Career Exploration

Identifying Skills that Transfer to Industry

Converting CV to Resume

Resume Review and Editing

Academic Job Search (Faculty and Postdoc positions)

Interview Preparation

Salary Negotiation

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The College of Natural Sciences provides an events calendar on their Postdoc Resources webpage. Instructions for signing up for the CNS postdoc email listserv and the VPR Postdoc email listserv can be found here:

Safety and Compliance

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies encourages researchers to periodically review relevant policies and procedures.

Application Process

All sponsored research proposals must be reviewed, approved, and submitted by the UT Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) or UT Office of Indusry Engagement (OIE)

Funding Designation

Determine how UT will categorize this potential funding. Would the funding be a gift, sponsored research project or something in between? (This distinction will determine certain UT requirements).


Check with UT’s Office of Research Support (ORS) to ensure that your work aligns with the Objectivity in Research policies.

Allot time for UT’s Financial Conflict of Interest training.

Research – Special Cases

Does your proposed research involve one or more of the items listed below? If so, an application must be reviewed and approved by UT’s Office of Research Support (ORS) to ensure compliance with rules and regulations:

Animal Subject Research

Human Subject Research

Recombinant DNA, Human or non human primate tissue, blood or body fluids

Select Agents or Bio toxins

Infectious Agents

Sponsor Disclosure

The Texas Education Code (Section 51.954) requires that faculty and staff disclose the sponsor when publicly communicating the results of research.

The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1295 during the 84 Legislative Session to create this requirement.