Alex Klattenhoff

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Vasquez Lab

My name is Alex Klattenhoff, and I am a fifth-generation Texan from the Austin area. I spent my youth pursuing academics, high-fantasy-related activities, music as a band nerd and a piano teacher, and camping in the outdoors as an Eagle Scout. I carried most of that with me through my Bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology from Texas A&M University and my Master’s degree in Gene Therapy and Vaccines from the University of Pennsylvania. Motivated by my productive experience as a lab manager within the laboratory of Dr. Dawit Kidane here at the University of Texas, I entered the Pharmacology and Toxicology Division to pursue my PhD under the mentorship of Dr. Karen Vasquez. Although I still keep my young self alive by remaining social, playing the piano, and still playing D&D with my friends, I spend the majority of my effort in the lab working on my thesis topic regarding the aberrant DNA repair of oxidative lesions within non-B DNA structures in relationship to cancer mutagenesis.