Payton Kahanek

Payton Kahanek smiling outside of a building

Lab: In Rotations

Education: B.S. Psychology, Texas A&M University

Research Interests

  • Addiction, Learning and Memory

Why did you choose UT PharmTox?

  • I chose UT PharmTox because of the wide variety of opportunities they offer. Because it's a small program, there is a close-knit community, yet you still are offered an abundance of resources through UT. One of the big factors that drew me to UT was the Wagonner Center for Alchohol and Addiction Research, which is great to have as someone interested in addiction research.

What do you enjoy outside of school?

  • Outside of school, I enjoy playing tennis, going on hikes, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, spending time with family and friends, and spoiling my cat, Craig.

Contact Information