Mr. George Polansky

A man wearing a sport coat and collared shirt and smiling.

Mr. George Polansky comes from a heritage of University of Texas pharmacists; his dad and uncle were UT pharmacy graduates in the 1930s. With his personal experiences at UT, Mr. Polansky realizes and appreciates that the College of Pharmacy is not only a pillar of education, but also an institution that cares about its students. He celebrates 43 years as a pharmacist in retail settings. During these years he took over his father’s pharmacy and then worked in chain retail with more than 30 years with Albertson and nearly 10 years with Walmart. At Albertson, Mr. Polansky held multiple responsibilities including director of pharmacy. Currently at Walmart, his duties include manager and area manager. Mr. Polansky has served on several boards, including the Texas Federation of Chain Drug Stores and the Medical Advisory Committee for the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission. Mr. Polansky graduated from the UT College of Pharmacy in December 1971.