John G. Kuhn, Pharm.D., FCCP

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Glaxo Wellcome Inc. Endowed Professor Emeritus

The research in our laboratories is concentrated on deriving information related to the clinical pharmacology of anticancer agents.  To accomplish our research objectives, we establish suitable analytical (HPLC, CE, LC/MS) or molecular (PCR, Western, Elisa) methods for the measurement of the compounds in biological fluids or tissue.  We explore the relationships between the pharmacokinetic parameters (clearance, AUC) of the agent and their biological targets, activity and/or toxicity.  These correlations permit the development of rational dosing and scheduling regimens for the optimization of the compound’s therapeutic index.     We also evaluate genetic variations responsible for drug metabolism, transport or target affinity.

Diagram illustrating how dose, concentration, and response affect pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics (affected by membrane transport, enzyems, influence of disease, and signal transduction)

Complete List of Published Work in My Bibliography: (Over 400 scholarly publications, book chapters, and abstracts: Scopus, Feb. 2015, 5912 citations, h-index 44)

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Pharmacotherapy Education & Research Ctr.
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive – MC 6220
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