Karen Rascati, Ph.D.

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Professor Emeritus of Health Outcomes
Stewart Turley/Eckerd Corporation Centennial Endowed Professor
Graduate Advisor

Dr. Rascati conducts research on pharmacoeconomic and patient outcomes for pharmacy services and various diseases. The third edition (2021) of her book Essentials of Pharmacoeconomics is widely used for US and international training. She is also an Assistant Editor of the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy.

Ph.D. Pharmacy, The University of Florida
B.S. Pharmacy, The University of Florida

Research Profile 
ORCid: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9907-7670
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/karen-rascati-027ab030

Selected Recent Publications
*Denotes student(s)/trainee(s) at the time of the study.

CORE Research Area: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

Coleman A*; Vohra Y; Rascati K; Kubes S; Moffett B. Antibiotic Utilization and Efficacy Associated with Treating Pediatric Urinary Tract Infections in Texas Medicaid Patients in the First Year of Life. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal November 2021: 40 (11): DOI: 10.1097/INF.0000000000003272.

LaVallee C*; Rascati KL; Gums TH. Antihypertensive agent utilization patterns among patients with uncontrolled hypertension in the United States. Journal Of Clinical Hypertension, November 2020: 222(11). DOI:10.1111/jch.14041.

Burkhard A*; Toliver J*; Rascati K. Association between multiple sclerosis disease severity and adherence to disease-modifying therapies. Journal Of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy. July 2021: 27(7); DOI 10.18553/jmcp.2021.27.7.915.

Toliver JC*; Barner JC; Lawson KA; Rascati KL. Use of a claims-based algorithm to estimate disease severity in the multiple sclerosis Medicare population. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders. April 2021: Vol 49. DOI 10.1016/j.msard.2021.102741.

CORE Research Area: Healthcare Systems Research

Heo JH*; Park C; Ghosh S; Park SK; Zivkovic M; Rascati KL. A network meta-analysis of efficacy and safety of first-line and second-line therapies for the management of metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. 2021 Feb 46 (1):
DOI: 10.1111/jcpt.13282.

Kumaraswamy N*; Markey MK; Ekin T; Barner JC; Rascati KL. Healthcare Fraud Data Mining Methods: A Look Back and Look Ahead. Perspectives In Health Information Management 2022 Jan 19(1).

Shao Q*; Rascati KL; Lawson KA; Wilson JP. Patterns and predictors of opioid use among migraine patients at emergency departments: A retrospective database analysis.        Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache 2020 Nov 40 (13): 
DOI: 10.1177/0333102420946710.

Toliver J*; Barner JC; Lawson K; Sonawane K; Rascati KL. Replication of a Claims-based Algorithm to Estimate Multiple Sclerosis Disease Severity in a Commercially Insured Population. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 2020 Nov Vol 46 
DOI: 10.1016/j.msard.2020.102539.

Zhang S*; Rascati KL. Utilization, adherence, and outcomes of 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate for recurrent spontaneous preterm birth prevention. Current Medical Research and Opinion. 2021 Sep. 37 (9) DOI: 10.1080/03007995.2021.1933928.

CORE Research Area: Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Alefan Q; Hamdouni E; Alhamad H; Mukattash T; Rascati KL. Barriers to implementing pharmacoeconomics. Expert Review Of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research. 2021 Feb 21 (1).  DOI:10.1080/14737167.2020.1766969.

*Shao Q; Rascati KL; Barner JC; Lawson KA; Sonawane KB; Rousseau JF. Healthcare utilization and costs among patients with chronic migraine, episodic migraine, and tension-type headache enrolled in commercial insurance plans. Headache. 2022 Feb DOI:10.1111/head.14247.

*Wong B; *Deng Y; Rascati KL. Healthcare Utilization, Costs, and Adverse Events of Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) versus Traditional Blood Glucose Monitoring (BG) among US Adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes Science and Technology. 2021 Aug. 
DOI: 10.1177/19322968211031519.

*Shao Q; Rascati KL; Lawson KA; Wilson JP; Shah S; Garrett JS. Impact of emergency department opioid use on future health resource utilization among patients with migraine. Headache. 2021 Feb. DOI: 10.1111/head.14071.

*Liang Y; Rascati KL; Richards K. Prevalence of primary immune thrombocytopenia and related healthcare resource utilization among Texas Medicaid beneficiaries. Current Medical Research and Opinion 2021 Aug. DOI:1080/03007995.2021.1923469.

Graduate Courses
PGS 393T Pharmacoeconomics

PGS w393Q Health-related Quality of Life

PGS 390U Advanced Research Methods (Topic: Comorbidity measurement) 

PGS w390J Data Analysis in Healthcare (Topics: SAS, SQL)

PGS 390K Research Methods (Topics: Sampling, Measurement, Reliability, Validity, Observational Methods)

PharmD Courses
PHR394 F - Pharmacoeconomics


Significant/Recent Activities

National and International Service Activities 
Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

Past President, Rho Chi National Pharmacy Honor Society

Past Board of Directors/Treasurer – ISPOR


University/College Service Activities
Chair - Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Advisor: College of Pharmacy (and Health Outcomes Divsision)

Advisor: UT-AMCP student chapter

Advisor: UT-ISPOR student chapter

Co-Advisor – Pharmacy Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

Contact Information
Campus location:
PHR 3.209A

US Mail Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Health Outcomes
2409 University Avenue, STOP A1930
Austin, TX 78712-1120

FEDEX Address:
2409 University Avenue
Health Outcomes
PHR 3.209A
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712