Yongchao Su, Ph.D.

Yongchao Su

Adjunct Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

Dr. Su is a Principal Scientist and an analytical lead of biophysical and material characterizations in the department of Analytical Research & Development (ARD) at Merck & Co, Inc. He has received postdoctoral training at MIT (2011-2014) after his Ph.D. at Iowa State University (2006-2011). His research focuses on solid-state NMR (ssNMR) characterization of pharmaceutical materials. His team develops and utilizes advanced ssNMR techniques to investigate the molecular mechanism for understanding delivery and stability of drug substances and products. He has contributed over 90 publications in peer-reviewed journals (H-index = 30) and published international patents (e.g., for Keytruda™ and Islatravir™) on drug developments of therapeutic organics and proteins.

Contact Information

Dr. Su’s research: https://sunmrlab.wordpress.com/