Dr. Frei awarded 2018 Educator of the Year

By Nick Nobel
May 7, 2018
Chris Frei 2018 award
Dr. Chris Frei, the College of Pharmacy’s 2018 Educator of the Year

Dr. Christopher R. Frei was declared the College of Pharmacy’s 2018 Educator of the Year Award winner. Dr. Frei is Assistant Professor and Division Head of the Pharmacotherapy Division in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin and a Director of the Pharmacotherapy Education and Research Center (PERC) in the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio. The announcement was one of several teaching awards to college faculty announced recently at the student-sponsored awards ceremony.

One of the students who nominated Dr. Frei said of his skills as an educator: “Dr. Frei motivates his students by example. He is an outstanding role model, personally and professionally. He has the highest moral character and he continually develops and accomplishes his goals. Dr. Frei is an outstanding educator who truly represents the best of the best from our College.”

Other honorees included:

Som M Round

Dr. Som Mukhopadhyay
Class of 2021 Teaching Excellence Award Winner

“He has been one of the best instructors I have had all year. The way he explained topics in Physiology/Pathophysiology was very thorough and very well done. Dr. Mukhopadhyay has helped me solidify my physiology foundation for the rest of my pharmacy education and career.”


Renee Acosta round

Dean Renee’ Acosta
Class of 2020 Teaching Excellence Award Winner

“Dean Acosta is very friendly during her lectures and has created a learning environment where we feel free to ask questions not only about the clinical products, but also about her experiences in the pharmacy.”



Yasar Tasnif round

Dr. Yasar Tasnif
Class of 2019 Teaching Excellence Award Winner

“He believes in me, and when someone like him, with all these accolades and accomplishments tries to recruit you as his protegee, you can’t help but believe in yourself too.”



Stefan Allan Round

Dr. Stefan Allen
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Winner

“His insight both in and out of the classroom has been incredibly helpful in stressful environments, and he has actually given me some life lessons by which I plan to practice and implement into my daily life.”



Tish Round

Dr. Leticia Moczygemba
Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award Winner

“When students want to get involved beyond our chapter level, she volunteers her time and expertise to help students get the most out of being involved with the organization in any capacity.”



kelly reveles round

Dr. Kelly Reveles
Preceptor Excellence Award Winner

“She has been the most encouraging and caring faculty grader I’ve had in my three years at the College. She does not push me to pick the residency or fellowship route. Instead, she provides her own experiences in order to help me make a more informed decision.”