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Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer

Janet C. Walkow, Ph.D.

Dr. Janet Walkow

Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer
Drug Dynamics Institute

Clinical Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

The University of Texas at Austin

Janet joined The University of Texas  in 2008, building on a successful pharmaceutical industry career, heading efforts ranging from R&D and Human Resources to Global Corporate Strategy. Leading the Drug Dynamics Institute, Janet brings novel approaches and solutions that promote development of health technologies, facilitate bioscience startups, and cultivate interdisciplinary technology readiness, and she has been named a University of Texas gamechanger.

Janet is known in academic circles for developing cutting-edge ways and engaging educational tools. Her successful edX MOOC, Take Your Medicine, has enrolled tens of thousands of students, who explore how new drug therapies are developed. Her successful Innovating for Health program – recently approved as a certificate program -  empowers students to be dynamic thinkers who are  impacting the health innovation landscape. She was named a University Fellow of the OpEd Project in 2021.

A leader in efforts to empower entrepreneurs and women, Janet’s involvement spans numerous local and global innovation efforts including the Texas Global Health Security, Same Sky, Texas Venture Mentoring Services, and numerous academic, nonprofit, and corporate initiatives. As a Public Voices Fellow and Ambassador for the OpEd Project, Janet gives voice to issues regarding health, education, and women. Her recent Board service includes the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Foundation (Past Chair), the Health Promotion Council, Women in Neuroscience, and Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board.


Esther Maier, Ph.D.

Research Scientist Associate IV - Research Manager

Dr. Esther Maier joined the Drug Dynamics Institute (DDI) in October 2017. Esther works with development-focused pharmaceutical researchers in academia and industry in advancing drug products through the non-clinical stage.  Projects range from early stage physicochemical characterization to in vivo efficacy and safety. The DDI specializes in a multitude of non-clinical development and testing of formulations including initial aerosol characterization of inhaled products, optimization of injectable novel anticancer agents and reformulations of existing dermal products, to name a few.

As the senior research manager at TherapeUTex, Dr. Esther Maier oversees the daily operations in addition to the management and execution of research projects. She performs and provides training for many of the analytical instruments and techniques that TherapeUTex provides. Using Esther’s expertise in a wide range of non-clinical safety and efficacy models, several novel inhaled anti-fibrotic and inhaled medications fighting COVID-19, as well as anti-cancer medications have been moved into the clinical stage.

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