Students, whether they are Pharm.D., graduate, postgraduate, or continuing education students, are the life blood of the College of Pharmacy.

ClinicProspective Students

The Pharmacy Doctorate (Pharm.D.) is the entry-level professional degree program. The curriculum is designed to prepare future practitioners to provide patient-oriented pharmaceutical care in contemporary settings including community practice, hospital environments and long-term care facilities.  Learn more about our Pharm.D. admissions process and the Pharm.D. Program.

The graduate training program (M.S., Pharm.D./Ph.D, and Ph.D.) offers degrees opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences and a multi-institutional joint degree program in translational science. Learn more about Research and Graduate Studies.

The College of Pharmacy, in conjunction with clinical facilities throughout the State, also provides a variety of outstanding Practice Residencies and Clinical Science Fellowships (Post Pharm.D.) for pharmacy graduates who wish to pursue advanced clinical practice or research training.

Student Organization EventCurrent Students

The College of Pharmacy offers  a wide variety of organizations for Pharm.D. and graduate students through which professional maturation may be enhanced.  Members have opportunities to participate in community outreach projects and to network with other professionals with interests in their chosen area of study and research.

The College of Pharmacy also offers a number of events on its calendar which provide additional opportunities to achieving excellence and professional growth through various seminars and career activities.

Official course syllabi are available through the Canvas websites (UTEID required) for pharmacy courses. However, a number of sample syllabi for courses are provided for a general overview of course content.


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