Faculty Celebrated at 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards

By Alyssa Trudeau
April 13, 2022

A university is only as great as its faculty and the College of Pharmacy went all-in on faculty excellence. On Wednesday, April 6, The University of Texas at Austin’s Pharmacy Council honored and celebrated top educators from across the college at its 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards. 

Dr. Laura Cannon with her award plaque.

Class of 2023 Winner
Dr. Laura Cannon

"She is both an amazing teacher and leader. Not only did she teach us oncology pharmacotherapy, but she taught us how to practice with empathy and compassion."

Fellow nominees:
Samantha Catanzo 
Claire Latiolais
Sarah Kubes
Ken Lawson
Rebecca Moote



Dr. Patric Davis with his award plaque.

Class of 2024 Winner
Dr. Patrick Davis

"His enthusiasm and passion for the subjects that he teaches makes me so much more engaged. His passion also makes for a greater learning environment."

Fellow nominees:
Ashley Garling
Claire Latiolais




Dr. Cui with his award plaque.

Class of 2025 Winner
Dr. Zhengrong Cui

"He is very approachable to students and always made himself available after class for students to come ask questions. He was great in helping the P1 class get adjusted to the fast-pace environment of entering pharmacy school."

Fellow nominees:
Feng Zhang
Debadyuti Ghosh
Claire Latiolais
Patrick Davis
Zhengrong Cui
Sharon Rush
Carolyn Brown
Walter Fast

Steven Wulfe with his award plaque.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Steven Wulfe

"He has always been there to support not only me as an individual, but has seen the P3 class through everything. He is a rock for the P3s."

Fellow nominee:
Derek Garza





Dr. Ashley Castleberry with her award plaque.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor
Dr. Ashley Castleberry 

"She has always made time for me. Even when her schedule was packed, she made time and talked to me over the phone on her commute home. She has given me insights into my career paths and has encouraged me to explore other areas of pharmacy. This has led me to find other potential career paths I would have not considered otherwise. I consider her a mentor and her caring nature makes me feel comfortable approaching her with any problem or question school or otherwise."

Fellow nominees:
Justin Samuel
Debadyuti Ghosh
Sarah Kubes
Patrick Davis
W. Renee Acosta
Samantha Catanzano
Sharon Rush
Greg Caldera
Chris Whitman

IPPE Preceptor of the Year
Ashley Durham

"My IPPE Preceptor helped me understand the full scope of community pharmacy and encouraged me in my career. I was so surprised that by the end of it that I would consider being a community pharmacist. She exemplified the kind of pharmacist I would want to be: kind, patient, engaged and honest. She kept me accountable and helped me learn so much."

Fellow nominees: 
Victor Encarnacion
Laura Oeschler Gonzales
Joel Moore

Dr. Sarah Kubes with her award plaque.

Pharmacy Educator of the Year
Dr. Sarah Kubes

"Oftentimes, pharmacy school can be loaded with stressful obstacles, but any time I have felt overwhelmed, she has opened every door to console and uplift my spirits.  Whether its email, phone call or just a quick text, day or night, she stands at the ready to help.

Whenever times are tough, she offers the velvet couch in her office, an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on with candy in hand. As a student success and wellbeing committee member, she takes the students feelings to heart. Whenever I believe the odds are stacked against me, she has empathized with my struggles and reframed my state of mind to believe the best about myself and my capabilities." 

Fellow nominees:
W. Renee Acosta
Debadyuti Ghosh
Claire Latiolais
Ashley Castleberry
Joseph Brewster
Walter Fast

Hailey Held holding her award plaque.


Benjamin Reed Award Winner
Hailey Held

"She has been involved in the college in countless ways: she volunteered her time to PSI for two years amidst a sea of COVID-inspired changes, she is the Worth Chief Counselor ("President") of PDC despite living in San Antonio, and she has pioneered mental health and wellbeing workshops across the college."

Fellow nominees:
Ryan Hoffart
Grace Akinyemi
Megan Yeung



Those teachers honored at the ceremony was a combination of both newcomers and seasoned veterans, highlighting the consistent excellence of the college’s faculty across a wide range of time. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Download the full Celebration of Excellence presentation to review the Student Superlative Award Winners.