Graduate Students: Awards & Endowments


American Pharmacies Fellowship in Independent Pharmacy Management
Duane A. Boyle Fellowship in Pharmaceutics
Max and Mary Anne Burlage Fellowship
Dr. Michael and Carrie Crowley and Dr. Jason and Maggie Vaughn Graduate Fellowship
Carl and Eunice Erickson Graduate Endowment
Josefina Lesvia Falcon Graduate Fellowship Fund
Johnson & Johnson Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Pharmacy
Dr. James W. McGinity Graduate Endowment in Pharmaceutics
Pharmacy Administration Graduate Student Endowment
F. Dewitt Reed Graduate Fellowship in Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry
Schering-Plough Research Institute Graduate Fellowship
Dr. Elaine S. Waller Graduate Endowment
Dr. Bill and Jill Williams and Dr. Jim and Kitty McGinity Graduate Fellowship
Dr. Robert J. Wills Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Dr. Feng Zhang and Dr. James McGinity Graduate Fellowship

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