Targeted Therapeutic Drug Discovery & Development Program (TTP)

circular graphic with TTP expertise in working together to develop novel therapeutics (library management, assay development, high throughput screens, biochem & cell biology mechanisms, chemoinformatics, computational modeling, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, in vivo pk)

The Targeted Therapeutic Drug Discovery & Development Program (TTP) is funded by a CPRIT Core Facilities Support Award (grant #RP210088) and provides researchers with access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise to enable the translation of their research into new treatments for cancers.

The goal of TTP is focused on assisting cancer scientists and clinicians by utilizing a truly integrated approach of targeted molecular drug discovery, uniting every key discipline to achieve their goals in a single platform.

We believe that having such an integrated platform (figure at right) will increase the number of new compounds in Texas reaching the stage of pre-clinical testing that possess the potency, selectivity and pharmacokinetic parameters needed to engage and inhibit oncogenic targets in tumors.


September 15, 2021

TTP earns a grant of almost $4 million from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to continue drug discovery program.  Read details.

About TTP

The TTP is housed in one of the top-ranked Colleges of Pharmacy in the country, assembled with the resources, skilled professionals and multi-disciplinary expertise to perform the comprehensive tasks required to identify and advance chemical leads that possess drug-like pharmacokinetics and precisely target oncogenes and other hard-to-treat diseases.

The physicians and scientists who are currently taking advantage of TTP are at the forefront of exploring new therapies for devastating diseases such as Triple Negative Breast, Lung, Prostate, Melanoma, Pancreatic and Pediatric Brain Cancer, resulting in direct impact on the development of new treatments for these and many other forms of cancer.


With the growing appreciation of the molecular pathways underlying different cancers, the new approach of cancer therapeutics is to target specific pathways so that ultimately, we may create rationally-developed combinatorial strategies that circumvent drug resistance. While cancer researchers have identified many clinically important cancer-related targets, the critical challenge in advancing new molecules from ‘discovery’ to pre-clinical testing is lack of access to the specialized resources and multi-disciplinary experiences that are necessary to support the early phase of drug development effort.

Please download our program brochure and user policy to learn more.