Plan for the Pharm.D. Program Application Process

Planning Details

Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Courses

Learn about our course prerequisite requirements and how to complete a self-evaluation.

Transfer Course Equivalency

Access a transfer course equivalency directory of Texas institutions.

Core, Flag, & Foreign Language Courses

Read about UT Austin’s general education course requirements that students must complete in order to graduate, as well as the benefits of having a bachelor’s degree in regards to these requirements.

Letters of Reference & PCAT Exam

Find out what our expectations are regarding letters of reference and advice on the optional PCAT exam.

Tuition & Financial Support

View the tuition cost for the Pharm.D. program, how to apply for financial assistance, and information about our College of Pharmacy scholarship opportunities.

Texas Residency Classification

Discover the different ways to establish Texas residency and the contacts who can answer your questions.