Congratulations on your acceptance to UT Austin College of Pharmacy, Pharm.D. Program 

Class of 2024 (Incoming Class of Fall 2020)

Now it’s time to move forward into the matriculation phase towards enrollment.  There are several action items and informational topics below that require your attention and completion so that your transition to UT Austin and the College of Pharmacy is as seamless as possible.

You currently hold a conditional acceptance into UT Austin College of Pharmacy upon successful completion of your academic (pre-pharmacy prerequisites) and non-academic (transcripts, deposit, immunizations, compliance, etc.) requirements.   There will be certain times during the spring and summer semesters where we’ll contact you reminding you to submit items by a certain deadline.  If you run into any questions or concerns with meeting any deadlines, do not hesitate to contact us right away for feedback.  Communication with each other is key.  Email us at pharmdadvising@austin.utexas.edu.

Contact Information (Keep Us Updated)

Please visit the Texas One Stop to complete any address update(s).

It’s very important that you update any changes to any addresses (email or physical) and contact information.  Email is the official means of corresponding and notifying students of any College of Pharmacy business.  Some correspondence may need to be relayed via physical mail or via phone.  It’s important that you provide updated information for your local, permanent, and email address in addition to your cell and/or home phone number with UT Austin.

updated 3.10.20

Upgrading Your UT EID

New students to UT Austin will want to upgrade their UT EID in order to conduct next level student business within the university.   Visit “Upgrade My UT EID” to learn more about upgrading your UT EID.

Upgrading your UT EID typically requires you to complete this process in person at the ID Center at the Flawn Academic Center (FAC).  To remotely upgrade your UT EID, please read the information provided in “Upgrade My UT EID” for options.

updated 3.10.20

Completion of Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Course Requirements & Foreign Language Requirement

All pre-pharmacy prerequisites course requirements MUST be completed prior to matriculation this fall 2020.  This includes the foreign language requirement.

Official correspondence of any pre-pharmacy prerequisites course deficiencies will be provided in May.  It will be important to submit official transcripts to the College of Pharmacy by the deadline when prompted so our office and UT Austin Main Admissions can see how courses from outside institutions are evaluated and transferred to UT Austin.

REMINDER: If you’ve earned or will be earning a baccalaureate degree or higher, the FOREIGN LANGUAGE requirement that you still have lacking upon matriculation into the Pharm.D. program will be WAIVED.

updated 3.10.20

Completion of CORE Course Requirements and the Global Culture’s FLAG Course Requirement

The University of Texas at Austin core curriculum consists of core course requirements and flag course requirements.  All core and flag requirements MUST be satisfied to receive a Pharm.D. degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  Ms. Patricia Gutierrez, Academic Advising Coordinator, will be contacting you with more details about these requirements in May after all the official transcripts submitted to us have been evaluated by UT Austin Main Admissions.

REMINDER: If you’ve earned or will be earning a baccalaureate degree or higher, any CORE and/or the Global Cultures FLAG course requirements that you still have deficient upon matriculation into the Pharm.D. program will be WAIVED.

** Even though a few pre-pharmacy prerequisite courses overlap into core course requirements, you are required to complete ALL pre-pharmacy prerequisite course requirements.

updated 3.10.20

Submission of Official Transcripts

You should have received an email through PharmCAS with details and instructions for submitting your official transcripts to UT Austin Main Admissions, not to the College of Pharmacy.

If you did not receive this email, please contact pharmdadvising@austin.utexas.edu.

Any official transcripts that update with final grades, “core complete” status, or a conferred degree date from spring 2020 and/or summer 2020, will also require submission directly to UT Austin Main Admissions.

The University of Texas at Austin
Attn: Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 8058
Austin, TX 78713-8058

updated 3.10.20

Submission of Attendance and Release Forms

Please complete, sign, and upload the following two forms using the upload instructions below:

  • Confirmation of Attendance form: Submission of this form will ensure an enrollment seat in the incoming fall 2018 class.  Please complete ALL four sections of this form. form: Submission of this form will allow our pharmacy student organizations to contact you this upcoming summer regarding ordering your professional White Coat, pharmacy patch, and nametag.
  •  Authorization and Release form: Submission of this form will allow our pharmacy student organizations to contact you this upcoming summer regarding ordering your professional White Coat, pharmacy patch, and nametag.

UPLOAD Instructions:

  1. Please name and SAVE the above two forms in the following file name format:
    • Last name, First name Attendance
    • Last name, First name Release
  2. Click on this LINK to direct you to the upload portal.
  3. Upload both the attendance and the release files via the upload portal.

Deadline: Submit these document by Friday, March 30, 2018 to ensure your place in the Fall 2018 class.

(not yet updated)

Texas Residency (Determining Residency)

Those of you who will be newly enrolled students to The University of Texas at Austin this fall 2018 and are Texas residents, you may have to complete the process for verifying your in-state status which can be found at the Texas Residency site.  The university usually defaults new students as “out-of-state” status.

We highly recommend that you login to “MyStatus” to verify your residency status as this affects your tuition rate.

If your record is not reflecting correctly as a Texas resident, you will need to complete the following at the Texas Residency site:

  • Complete & submit the “Residency Core Questions” and/or “Residency Affidavit

For those of you applying for financial aid, you will want to take care of this as soon as possible before the awarding process begins in April.

If you have any questions with your status, contact the Graduate and International Admissions Center and speak with a residency representative. Their contact information can be found on Texas Residency site.

updated 3.10.20

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates for the upcoming fall 2020/spring 2021 are not yet published.  The current tuition rate for the Pharm.D. program is $10,774 (Texas resident)/ $24,620 (non-resident) per semester as stated in the Tuition at UT Austin site.  We anticipate tuition for this next upcoming semester to be the same. All mandatory fees are wrapped into this flat-rate tuition amount.

You will also find the estimated cost of attendance for the academic year at this site.

When using the Tuition at UT Austin site:

  • Select appropriate residency status
  • Select Level: Professional
  • Select Program: PharmD
  • Adjust the slider for maximum enrollment hours (15-hrs)

updated 3.10.20

Enrollment Deposit

A “confirmation of attendance” non-refundable university enrollment deposit of $200 is due by May 1st.

To pay the deposit, click on “What I Owe” to submit payment.

The $200 deposit will be applied to your fall 2020 tuition bill.

Current or former UT-Austin students will not have a deposit due.  You shouldn’t see an amount displayed for this deposit under “What I Owe?”.

updated 3.10.20

Veterans Certification

Students who are eligible for the GI Bill or Hazelwood Exemption should visit the Veteran Education Benefits site for information and guidance in applying and processing these VA benefits.

The Student Veteran Services Office can also provide guidance towards understanding the process of using your veterans benefits.  You will find that the Student Veterans Services Office offers additional services to support success for veterans.

updated 3.10.20

Composite Picture

Individual photos will be taken of each students during the week of New Student Orientation.   These photos will be used to create a class composite for you and the faculty to get to know one another.  Acceptable attire for women would be a dress OR a blouse and skirt/slack combination.  Acceptable attire for men would be a dress shirt and slacks, with a tie recommended.

You will be asked to sign a release document allowing us to place your picture on the photo composite.

Financial Assistance

Those of you who are applying for financial aid, please do not forget to submit your FAFSA by the priority deadline of March 15th.

When submitting your FAFSA, please make sure you complete the application as a Graduate/Professional student.  Please utilize this handout to assist you in answering specific questions on the FAFSA.

The Office of Federal Student Aid at the U.S. Department of Education will provide our financial aid office (Office of Student Financial Services) to begin the processing of calculating your financial aid package.  The types of financial aid you may be awarded are based on graduate sources and limits.

Pharm.D. students have typically been awarded one or more of the following types of graduate awards:

  • University Tuition Grant: up to $1,500.00 annually; all students not guaranteed this grant
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan (standard): up to $20,500.00 annual* maximum
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan (health professions): up to $12,500 annual* maximum
  • Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan (cost of attendance minus financial aid)

* The annual loan cycle overs the start of the academic fall semester through the end of summer semester.

When you begin receiving information from the Office of Financial Aid, please make sure you log in to the CASH portal to keep track of your financial aid status.  Upgrading your UT EID will be required to conduct university business online.

Please note Ms. Patricia Gutierrez, Academic Advising Coordinator, will stay in contact with you via email with any correspondence and the awarding timetable.  The earliest any student has received an award notification from Student Financial Services was early May.  Once we receive this year’s awarding timetable, we’ll let you all know.

The opportunity to apply for College of Pharmacy scholarships will occur during your first (P1) year.  Students who are awarded a College of Pharmacy scholarship will have it applicable to their second (P2) year.

(not yet updated)

Course Registration Information for Fall 2020

The College of Pharmacy will provide detailed information and instructions in late May regarding fall 2020 course registration.  Course schedule information with lecture days/times and lab assignments will be provided at that time in preparation for you to register for courses and make plans for the upcoming fall semester.

  • All incoming Pharm.D. students will have the opportunity to enroll for Pharm.D. courses in mid-June.
  • Fall 2020 tuition fee bill due: Monday, August 13th, by 5pm.

Fall 2020 Course Schedule should be posted around mid-April.

Fall 2020 P1 Schedule Grid (pdf) should be available mid-April.

Course registration details will be updated late May on our New Student Orientation site.

updated 3.10.20

New Student Orientation (NSO) 2020

  • Attendance to New Student Orientation is MANDATORY for matriculation.
  • Orientation Dates: Tuesday, August 18th- Tuesday, August 25th; 1st Class Day- Wednesday, August 26th
  • Saturday, August 22nd: Family Orientation Program (8:45am) & White Coat Ceremony (10am) (Save the Date)
  • New Student Orientation (NSO) site

NOTE: Transfer (new) students to UT Austin are not required to attend the UT Austin general university summer orientation session in June/July.  Although not required, you may want to consider participating in general activities such as campus tours, obtaining your school ID, or upgrading your UT EID.

updated 3.10.20

Technical Standards

Technical Standards for Pharmacy Education, The University of Texas at Austin, is designed to inform students of the ethical, social and behavioral, observational, motor function, communication and intellectual expectations of the pharmacy program and pharmacy practice generally.  Students must attest, via a survey that will be sent in April, that they have read this information and meet these standards.  Individuals with questions or concerns about their ability to meet these standards should contact The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy Student Affairs Office.

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Policy

The experiential education office will provide further information and instructions on this policy after April 1st.

All Pharm.D. students are subject to periodic random criminal background checks and drug screenings while enrolled in the professional program.  Scheduled background checks and drug screens occur prior to the P1 and P4 years.

CastleBranch (Compliance Tracking Portal)

CastleBranch is the portal you will use to manage and track your compliance requirements (immunizations records, modules, health insurance, etc..) throughout the professional program.  You will also use this portal to complete your background check and drug screen.

The one-time fee for creating this account last year was $145.75.  An updated cost will be provided by Assistant Dean Ridings-Myhra.

Dean Ridings-Myhra will prompt you during a specific window of time after April 1st to create your CastleBranch account and submit immunization records and compliance requirements. Please do not create a personal account until you are prompted to do so by Asst. Dean Ridings-Myhra when it is time for you to create your account.  Plan accordingly for financial costs to set up this account.


You must complete and show proof of a number of  required immunizations to matriculate into the Pharm.D. program and/or enroll in course(s) during which you have actual patient contact in a healthcare facility.

Assistant Dean Jennifer Ridings-Myhra will provide detailed information regarding the remaining immunizations listed on the “Immunization Requirements” site AND submission instructions through the CastleBranch portal after April 1st.

Hepatitis B:  Completing the Hep B Immunization is currently your immunization priority.   You should already have completed the three series and titer.  Proof of the 3-shot series and a positive titer will need to be uploaded into CastleBranch when you are prompted to do so.

Please do not submit proof of immunization records to the College of Pharmacy.  Locate and collate your personal immunization information in anticipation of further instructions.  Please note that many of these immunizations are childhood immunizations – locate your childhood immunization records for uploading when requested.

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is required of all Pharm.D. students while enrolled in the professional program.  Assistant Dean Ridings-Myhra will provide instructions after April 1st on providing proof of health insurance.

Learn more about UT Austin’s Student Health Insurance program.

Compliance Modules

Assistant Dean Ridings-Myhra will provide further information and instructions after April 1st.  You will be required to complete specific compliance modules on HIPAA, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Medicare Part D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.  These modules must be completed before May 31st.

Proof of completion will be uploaded into CastleBranch.

Annual Attestation

Asst. Dean Jennifer Ridings-Myhra will provide further information and instructions after April 1st.  All entering students must complete attestations prior to May 31st, and every year of the program thereafter via a Qualtrics survey.

Honor Code Acknowledgement

Please take a moment to read and understand the Honor Code for the College of Pharmacy.  During New Student Orientation you will be asked to pledge your full support to the Honor Code.

Ethical Conduct and Scholastic Integrity

Please read the Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct and Scholastic Integrity in the Pharm.D. Student Handbook.

Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) Registration as a Student Intern (Trainee)

To earn intern hours for licensure during the first (P1) professional year, students must be registered as intern-trainees with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP). Application for registration to the TSBP will require you to submit a copy of your Social Security card.

Be in possession of your Social security card, or a copy of it, so that you can submit that information directly to TSBP when instructed to do so. Please do NOT attempt to apply until Assistant Jennifer Dean Ridings-Myhra sends you the instructions after May 1st.  Instructions change from year to year, and the college is awaiting new instructions from TSBP for 2019.  Do not send a copy of your social security card to the College of Pharmacy!

Experiential Program

The Experiential Program (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) & Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs)) is an integral part of all four years of the professional curriculum.  It is during these practice-based, patient-focused courses that students will gain internship hours needed for licensure in Texas.

IMPORTANT:  Transportation to and from assigned practice sites is the sole responsibility of the student, and the location of available practice sites may require the student to drive or be transported for more than one hour each way. The dates of IPPEs and APPEs are non-negotiable. Students must plan weddings, vacations and other travel around the college’s experiential program dates. If you are planning any type of activity as described above, please consult with our Experiential Coordinator regarding IPPE and APPE schedules.

Students must acknowledge the following statement when confirming attendance for fall 2020: “I further acknowledge that as a condition of admission, I must agree to accept assignment to any available region for the P3-P4 years…” from Confirmation of Attendance for Fall 2020 form.

Computer Requirements

Students are required to have a laptop computer that is able to run:

Mac OS X (10.11 or later) or Windows (7, 8, or 10) operating system.

While many students choose to use tablets or other mobile devices for a variety of classroom activities, there will be times when a laptop computer, as described above, is required. If you are uncertain if your laptop meets these requirements, or need a recommendation on purchasing a new laptop, please contact Charles Guajardo (c.guajardo@austin.utexas.edu) at the College of Pharmacy Learning Resource Center.

The University of Texas has a financial arrangement with Microsoft that allows students to purchase Microsoft Office Suite at a much reduced rate. For a complete list of available products, pricing, and payment information, please contact the Campus Computer Store.