Experiential Programs

Experiential programs provide students with experiences in the field under the guidance of preceptor faculty. The experiences increase in duration and complexity as the student gains knowledge and skills, culminating with the final year of rotation experience.

Early Practice Experience

Early Practice Experience (EPE) expose students to entry-level pharmacy practice through working in a pharmacy practice site. 

The Early Practice Experience requires 200 hours in either a community or a hospital pharmacy prior to the start of the P4 experiential year.



Early Practice Experience (EPEs)

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPEs) are primarily experiential activities that occur in pharmacy practice sites, but may also include simulation, volunteer activities related to pharmacy practice, and reflection on these experiences.

IPPEs occur in the context of required courses during the P1, P2 and P3 years.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice (IPPEs)

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPEs) provide P4 students with patient care and other experiences through rotation courses in regional sites throughout Texas. 

Students accumulate internship hours required for Texas licensure through APPE coursework.


Advanced Pharmacy Practice (APPEs)

Regional Internship Programs

Location of IPPEs (P3 year) and APPEs (P4 year).

All students are assigned to a geographic region for the P4 senior experiential year.



Regional Internship Programs

Policies & Requirements

Immunization & Background Check, Registration as a Student Pharmacist Intern, Health Insurance, Liability Insurance, and more.

Policies & Requirements

Preceptor Faculty

Preceptor Faculty members help students make the transition from classroom knowledge to worksite experience.

Preceptor Faculty