The University of Texas at Austin is recognized as one of the top programs of pharmacy education in the country.  We are excited that you are considering our program. The College of Pharmacy is located on the main campus about a block north of the Main Building and Tower. 

Each fall, approximately 125 new students are admitted, but the application process begins almost a year earlier.

What Is A Pharmacist?

Take a moment to learn what is a pharmacist and what they can do in this profession.  You will discover from the following sources that pharmacists are on the front lines with patient care and can be found in many practice settings from general to specialized areas.  For some of you this will be an eye-opening discovery!

Let’s start with an article in U.S. News & World Report, “How to Become a Pharmacist“.

Is Pharmacy right for me?


  • Learn about the history and profession of pharmacy
  • Discover new practice settings for pharmacists
  • Find a roadmap to becoming a pharmacist
  • Understand the admissions requirements for getting into pharmacy schools
  • Find resources, opportunities, and blogs

What do pharmacists do?


  •     Mission
  •     Many hats of a pharmacist
  •     Expert advice on medications
  •     Dispersing healthier outcomes


How do Pharmacists work?

Read U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook (Pharmacists)

  •     What do pharmacist do?
  •     Job outlook
  •     Pay
  •     Work environment

What's the demand for Pharmacists?

View the Pharmacist Demand Indicator

You should now have a pretty good idea of what is a pharmacist and how YOU can pursue a career in pharmacy!

collage of alumni pictures

Student Talk

Current and former students are the best ambassadors of the College of Pharmacy.

As they make their way through the college’s curriculum and programs, from P1 to P4, their stories are our stories.


Admission includes both academic and non-academic requirements.

The Pharm.D. program requirements include at least two year of undergraduate pre-pharmacy prerequisites, and core, flag and foreign language course requirements.


Admission components

  • Academic performance & PCAT scores
  • Letters of reference (three required)
  • Communication skills (oral & written)
  • Knowledge or experience with pharmacy
  • Community involvement


Our process incorporates the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

These qualities provide insights into a candidate’s interpersonal skills and professionalism during the interview process.



Congratulations on your acceptance in the program

There are several action items and informational topics below that require your attention and completion so that your transition to UT Austin and the College of Pharmacy is as seamless as possible.

Academic Pathway to Pharmacy

picture of group of pharm d students

Best Candidates for Admission to our Program

The admissions committee looks for students who are passionate about pharmacy, who have a true desire to serve, who think critically, and who work well with others. Application materials include:

  • GPA (especially in pre-requisite courses with focus on math and science) and PCAT scores
  • Letters of recommendation, ideally from a pharmacist or supervisor (including work or academic)
  • Written and oral communication skills (essay and interview)
  • Work experience in pharmacy, health care, or customer service
  • Extracurricular involvement and leadership in organizations
  • Knowledge of the pharmacy profession
  • Experience in service, volunteerism, research, teaching, tutoring, and mentoring
group photo of pharmacy students

Class of 2023 Admissions Data

  • Applications: 350 Received (Early Decision: 86 Received)
  • Enrolled: 125 (Early Decision: 62 Enrolled)
  • GPA: 3.4
  • PCAT Composite: 82
  • High Degree: Bachelor’s or higher - 81%; No Bachelor’s Degree - 19%
  • Gender: 63% Women; 37% Men
  • Ethnicity: Asian - 35%; Black - 8%; Hispanic - 20%; White - 33%; Multiracial - 1%; Unreported - 3%


icon for pharmacy admissions

UT Austin College of Pharmacy is temporarily suspending pharmacy school tours and in-person appointments. 

This is in accordance with the action The University of Texas at Austin Main Admissions related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you have questions, please contact our Admissions Team.

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