Accreditation Services

Important Note: The ACPE requirements for accreditation (see CPE Accreditation Checklist below) must be submitted to UT CPE at least 45 days prior to the program start date or the date that promotion/marketing begins, whichever comes first.

CPE Accreditation Policy Statement

Failure of a Joint Providers organization to meet the ACPE requirements and UT CPE policies designated in the written Joint Providership Agreement may result in loss of accreditation for the CPE activity.

Joint Providership

The UT Continuing Pharmacy Education Office (UT CPE) routinely accepts requests from organizations (Joint Providers) seeking accreditation for educational/training activities for pharmacists and technicians. Each activity is thoroughly evaluated to ensure it is aligned with UT CPE’s mission and that it meets ACPE Standards.

Accreditation of an activity by UT CPE is based upon its review/approval of the following aspects of the program: determination of need, topic selection, learning objectives, faculty selection/guidance, program content, marketing, commercial interest involvement, program facilitation, assessment of learning, and activity evaluation.

To initiate a request, please submit a CPE Accreditation Request Form.
For further assistance, please contact the UT CPE Office.

CPE Accreditation Checklist

The ACPE requirements that are due to UT CPE have been summarized in the CPE Accreditation Checklist.

This information must be submitted to UT CPE at least 45 days prior to the program start date or the date that promotion/marketing begins, whichever comes first.

The checklist was created for Joint Providerships to use as a helpful guide to ensure all of the required information has been submitted. A more detailed explanation of each item on the checklist will be provided in the Joint Providership Agreement, which UT CPE issues to the Joint Provider at the very start of the accreditation process. The UT CPE accreditation coordinator will also work with the Joint Provider to ensure all information is correctly submitted and that the ACPE requirements are met.

UT CPE Staff Support

Your request will be assigned to a UT CPE Joint Providership coordinator, who will help guide you through the accreditation process, and can even help you with activity development if needed. UT CPE is experienced in producing outstanding programs that include strong active learning components and creative instruction techniques, both of which ensure participants will leave your activity with a solid understanding of the program outcomes.

The College of Pharmacy also boasts a long list of world-renowned faculty who have extensive experience in presenting on just about any pharmacy related topic. Our staff would be happy to connect you with any of the faculty.

It is our goal to help you produce innovative continuing professional development opportunities that promote lifelong learning. By working with the CPE Office at The University of Texas College of Pharmacy, your participants will have confidence that the program is evidence-based, commercial and bias free, and that it meets ACPE Standards. Your participants will also soon come to learn that participating in an activity accredited by UT CPE means that they can earn instant CPE credit when they complete the online activity evaluation - making things easier for all of you!

Web-based delivery system

We feature an online CPE delivery system that allows your participants to register for activities, download course materials, watch videos, take pre- and post-tests, complete evaluations, and instantly receive credit that is uploaded to their CPE Monitor profile.

Online Evaluations

All Joint Providers that work with UT CPE are required to use the online evaluation system, so participants may be awarded their CPE credits online via CPE Monitor. Contact our office if you have any questions about theses online features.

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The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.