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UT Continuing Pharmacy Education (UT CPE) routinely accepts requests from organizations (Joint Sponsors) who seek ACPE accreditation for educational programming and training for pharmacy audiences.  More information about UT CPE Joint Sponsorship is provided below. 

UT CPE Joint Sponsorship

Requesting ACPE Accreditation

The UT College of Pharmacy has been accrediting programs for over 60 years and takes great pride in helping other organizations (Joint Sponsors) to meet their educational goals.  Submit a request for accreditation with the form below, and UT CPE will follow up with additional information. 

Download CPE Accreditation Request Form (PDF)

Read More About Joint Sponsorship
  • UT CPE has been accrediting programs for over 60 years and takes great pride in helping other organizations to also meet their educational goals. 
  • By collaborating with a top-tiered college of pharmacy like The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, your learners will know to expect high-quality activities that are evidence-based and unbiased.
  • We are experienced in producing outstanding and noteworthy activities that not only meet ACPE Standards, but also consistently exceed learners’ expectations.
  • Our team shares its extensive experience with Joint Sponsors to help them achieve positive outcomes in knowledge, practice behaviors, and ultimately patient care.
  • UT CPE accredits all formats of continuing education activities, including live virtual webinars, on demand home study activities, and live in-person activities - for audiences of all sizes. 

Accreditation Requirements & Fees

CPE Accreditation Checklist

UT CPE has created the CPE Accreditation Checklist as a tool for Joint Sponsors to submit ACPE documentation according to the required timeline.   View the checklist below to get an idea of what is required for CPE accreditation.

Download CPE Accreditation Checklist (PDF)

Read More About Accreditation Requirements & Fees
  • A more detailed explanation of each checklist item will be provided to Joint Sponsors in the Agreement Letter, and UT CPE accreditation coordinators are readily available for questions anytime.
  • The initial set of ACPE requirements on the checklist must be submitted to UT CPE at least 45 days prior to the program start date or the date that promotion/marketing is set to begin, whichever comes first.

Accreditation Fees:
Accreditation Fees are based upon the number of 
programming CE activities / sessions:
$1,000 for the initial CE activity*
$250 for each additional CE activity*
* Some service fees may vary depending on program details.  Please contact us for more information. 

Project Support Services – Contact Us:
Additional project support is available as needed, such as UT CPE developing activity content, coordinating speakers/venue logistics, writing grants, providing audio/visual technology support, and/or coordinating comprehensive online courses using their online learning platform.  Please contact UT CPE to discuss these services and fees.

Easier CE Credit for Participants

UT CPE Online Learning Platform

Partnering with UT CPE also allows participants to easily and efficiently claim their own CE credit online through our online learning platform.  

No more attendance forms or paperwork, learners just visit the UT CPE Online Learning Platform to submit an online evaluation.  After a pharmacist submits an online evaluation, pharmacy credit will automatically upload to their individual CPE Monitor profile.  UT CPE will make this process smooth and effortless for Joint Sponsors!

The UT CPE online platform is not only useful for claiming CE credits, but it can also be used to house more comprehensive online courses that include pre/post assessments, downloadable course materials and easily viewable pre-recorded presentations.  This type of programming falls under Project Support Services (see CPE Accreditation Requirements & Fees).

Contact UT CPE

Glen Baumgart, PhD

Jody Michael Curtis
Continuing Education Program Coordinator

Mariana Medina
Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator

Per ACPE Standards for Commercial Support, UT CPE does not enter into joint sponsorship with commercial interests (commercial interests are entities producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing healthcare goods or services consumed/used by patients; providers of clinical service directly to patients are not considered to be commercial interests).

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The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.