Pharm.D. Program

The professional curriculum is structured around an integrated approach to drug therapy management. The Pharm.D. program emphasizes an integrated and problem-based approach to disease management as the core of the didactic and laboratory program of study. The capstone of the Pharm.D. program is a series of seven, six-week rotations known as the internship. Each internship course includes 40 to 50 hours per week of on-site experience (Experiential Programs) supervised by practitioner faculty.

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PharmD StudentsPharm.D. Program Information and Requirements

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Technical Standards for Pharmacy Education
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Pharm.D. Program Options

Honors Program
Pharm.D. / Ph.D. Concurrent Program
International Exchange (UT Pharmobility)

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Early Practice Experience (EPEs)
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPEs)
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