Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry

Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry

We work at the nexus of Chemistry and Biology, generating chemical and biochemical tools to study mechanisms of cell signaling, biosynthetic pathways, enzyme evolution, DNA repair and other therapeutic targets for drug design. 

Our students build on a rigorous foundation of enzymology and bioorganic chemistry to develop novel tools to understand health and disease at the level of chemical mechanisms.

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Division Research

Our research encompasses topics such as the following:

  • Tools for Chemical Biology
  • Probes for enzyme mechanisms and signaling pathways
  • DNA damage and repair mechanisms
  • Unusual biosynthetic mechanisms
  • Enzyme evolution
  • Inhibitors as therapeutics for cancer and infectious disease

Please see individual faculty pages for more information about ongoing projects.

Selected Faculty Publications

Unique Environment

Joining a small unit in a large research university provides valuable mentoring opportunities in a collegial and intellectually vibrant community of diverse scientists.

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